Friday, January 27, 2012

Burning the Map by Laura Caldwell

This is my first novel from Chicago-area novelist Laura Caldwell and I loved it.  It's fun and light, but it has enough oomph to surpass romances and other lighter chick lit fair.  Caldwell's writing style is easy going and breezy, just like the story here, which revolves around three friends who have been pals for years but are going through a "seven-year itch" in their friendship. The storyteller of the book, Casey, has been in a relationship for a while and that has changed the friendships she has. So, all three friends decide to take a trip to Italy and Greece to have fun and re-bond, but things begin to go awry quite quickly.  So, basically, you have the best of both worlds and light romance.  It's fun and entertaining, while never being too fluffy.  Another author for me to savor!