Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Crossing Places by Elly Griffiths

Knowing I'm always in the market for a good mystery, especially a good British one, I recently got a recommendation to read the Ruth Galloway series from Elly Griffiths.  And what I discovered is a fantastic new writer who weaves an excellent British mystery with an archaeological spin. Set in the eastern English county of Norfolk, Ruth is an archeologist who gets called in by the local authorities to check the age of a skeleton that was found. This find leads to Ruth getting emerged in a missing person's case and a whole web of mystery and murder. I VERY MUCH liked the chemistry between Ruth and the inspector who works with her...Nelson. And a surprise at the end of the book means that their relationship is only beginning.  Nelson is the kind of "man-you-love-to-hate..." meaning he's gruff and harsh, with a sweet side and a heart of gold.  And Ruth herself is a refreshing female mystery character, who is less amateur sleuth and more "right place, right time" gal.  She never ASKS to be involved in the police just sort of happens.  And Ruth is full of spunk and vitality, though she's more than her fair share of self-effacing. I will read more from Griffiths and look forward to where she leads Ruth and Nelson next!